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Atlanta, GA, USA

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Searching for serenity, a determined little girl escapes to the wilderness. Her journey ends, only when she is wild enough to become a part of it.

A 2D/3D hybrid short directed by Yeliz Motro, produced by Catherine Nelson, art direction by Misha Freyberger.

Full Film

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Tampere Film Festival (2022)

Environmental Film Festival Australia (2021)

Moviemiento (2021)

EFFA: Going Green! Cinema (2021)

ASIFA International Animation Day (2020)

Honorable Mention.

ASIFAC Animation Conference and Festival (2020) 


SCAD Animation Showcase (2020) 

Conservation Optimism Film Festival (2020)

Awarded Audience Choice in the student category.

Environmental Film Festival at Yale (2020)

NatureTrack Film Festival (2020) 

Innsbruck Nature Film Festival  (2019) 

SCAD Anim Fest (2019) 

Southern Shorts (2019)

Awarded for Direction, Production, Art Direction, Technical Skill and Sound Design.

Atlanta Underground Film Festival (2019)


Catherine Nelson as Producer.

Misha Freyberger as Art Director and Lead BG Artist.

Asha Sanford, Christina Pham and Amario Andre' for their help with concept development.

Elvin Ozsahin for the character model.

Cali Pareja, Davies Rushing and Gaurav Dora for rigging.

Gio Turra as Sound Designer and for original music.

Please CLICK HERE to see the full list of over 50 talented SCAD Atlanta students who helped in the production.

Concept & Process


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